Movie clips of the NSF Project: Active Dynamic Continuum Tails for Maneuvering and Stabilizing Legged Robots

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Movie clip of Project STORM - Self-Configurable and Transformable Omni-Directional Robotic Modules

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Movie clips of the Hybrid Mobility and Manipulation Robot (HMMR)

The following experimental results present a new design paradigm of mobile robots that integrates the platform's mobility with the manipulator arm in a single hybrid mechanism. Typically, state-of-the-art mobile robots have a separate manipulator arm mechanism attached on top of the mobility mechanism. The mobility platform provides locomotion and the arm provides manipulation. Unlike them, the new design has the ability to interchangeably provide locomotion and manipulation capability, both simultaneously. This mobile robot is aimed at applications over unstructured terrains, offering significant advantages in terms of compactness of structure, superior mobility and dexterous manipulability, hence overcoming some of the most challenging problems in the field of mobile robotics for Unmanned Ground Vehicle field operations. The new design also includes a novel wireless communication network between the mobile robot subsystems (each articulated link). This control methodology provides a system that exhibits complete modularity and operational fault tolerance. These research results contribute to applications such as planetary explorations, defense, security, search and rescue and reconnaissance. The developed proof-of-concept prototype offers mobile robot functionality and durability for the aforementioned applications that are completely new. Click here for more info on the HMR.


Obstacle Climbing

Cylindrical Obstacle Traversal

Obstacle Descending

Climbing and Descending Obstacles Plus Manipulation Simultaneously

Ditch Crossing with Obstacle Climbing and Descending

Stair Climbing

Stair Descending

Rubble Pile

End-Effector and Platform Capacity

Adaptive Manipulation

Movie clips of the Linkage Mechanism Mobile Robot (LMMR)

This research presents a mobile robot that achieves autonomous climbing and descending of stairs. The robot uses sensors and embedded intelligence to achieve the task. The reconfigurable tracked mobile robot that has the ability to traverse obstacles by changing its tracks configuration. Algorithms have been developed for conditions under which the mobile robot would halt its motion during the climbing process when at risk of flipping over. Technical problems related to the implementation of some of the robot functional attributes are presented, and proposed solutions are validated and experimentally tested. The experiments illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach to autonomous climbing and descending of stairs.


LMA Autonomous Slope Climbing

LMA Autonomous Slope Descending

LMA Autonomous Stairs Climbing

LMA Autonomous Stairs Descending

Movie clips of the Microdroplet Generator

This research involved the development of a piezo-actuated micro-dispensing system for microdrops generation with real-time closed-loop pressure control to achieve very high density microarray printing capability. The system is operated in a drop-on-demand mode using a non-contact liquid transfer method. This system can be used for DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and protein printing applications and production of biochips. The system includes the abilities to handle a wide range of solvents and solutes; to dispense reagents in drop volumes in the range of microliters to picoliters; to achieve very high-density microarray printing capabilities; to introduce a great deal of functionality and control to the dispensing process; to execute various dispensing operations in an automatic mode without manual handling; and to increase throughput by using non-contact dispensing methods.


Optimal Pressure

Optimal Pressure - Magnification

Below Optimal Pressure

Above Optimal Pressure




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